Our always-on society is often hailed as being a step forward for civilisation. But does everyone agree?

The Always-On Con is the topic driving a series of debates that will take a closer look at what an always-on society means, weighing the positive and negative consequences of being constantly connected and the effects it’s having on the workforce at large.

The Always-On Con debates:

The first debate in the series will draw upon recent studies conducted by both the Workforce Institute EMEA and Imperial College London, with Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Anastasia Dedyukhina and Bruce Daisley on the debate panel to lend their industry expertise to the discussion.


This intimate and informal evening will be an excellent opportunity to engage with like-minded peers and we also have a few technology-themed surprises in store – including the chance to design your own interactive cocktail! We look forward to seeing you there.