Re-thinking the So-called Millennial Problem

Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Workforce Institute board member, John Frehse, Managing Partner at Core Practice and a sought after speaker on the topic of workforce management. We’ve all heard the negatives thrown around about Millennials: they’re lazy, entitled, and nothing like the generations who came before them. The struggle to hire and retain this well-educated, passionate, … Continue reading Re-thinking the So-called Millennial Problem

Simple Math: Big Data – Big Focus = Big Failure

As technology advances allow us to analyze every aspect of business operations, many companies are inundated with data. Although we celebrate the advances in technology, this “data revolution” has also blurred the line between valuable insight and mundane non-value added information. As a result, many companies are now buried in indecipherable numbers. To successfully pierce through the mountains of useless data and focus on the strategic insights, it is critical businesses have the tools to translate heaps of distracting data into useful information.

Podcast: Are You Ready for Unlimited Vacation Time?

Vacation time is a scarce and precious commodity for most employees.  When we use it, we want to make the most of it.  The picture here is me with my children in New Zealand a few years ago.  We saved and planned for a long time for that trip - including banking the vacation time … Continue reading Podcast: Are You Ready for Unlimited Vacation Time?

HR Software Implementations: Customize Your Mindset, Not the Software

Mistakenly, many organizations start a software implementation thinking about how they can modify the new software to match their existing processes (i.e.: customize it). However, experience has shown me that this is nearly always the most expensive way to implement a new software platform (and the most expensive way to maintain it) for human resources or payroll functions. Rather, organizations should consider this question: if the existing processes and workflows are working so well, why are we investing in a new system at all?

82 Million US Workers Have Experienced Paycheck Errors

Our most recent survey reveals that an estimated 82 million Americans – more than half of the U.S. workforce – have experienced a problem with their paycheck during their career.  These paycheck errors include late payments, non-payments, over-payments, and incorrect payments. Why do these errors occur?  Some of it is technology (or lack thereof).  The American Payroll … Continue reading 82 Million US Workers Have Experienced Paycheck Errors

International Womens Day 2017 – #BeBoldForChange

Today, International Women's Day is being celebrated around the world.  This day focuses not only on womens' contributions to the world, but also on persistent issues that hold women back. Wage inequality affects women around the world.  Lack of access to education keeps women in many of the poorest countries in the world from participating … Continue reading International Womens Day 2017 – #BeBoldForChange

The Future Workplace – Are You Ready?

The following post is by WFI board member, Jeanne C Meister, Partner at Future Workplace and Co-author of The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules for Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees. The future of work is about developing a workplace that emotionally connects to employees and customers, understands the impact of technology on the … Continue reading The Future Workplace – Are You Ready?

Human Middle Managers

Today’s guest post is courtesy of our board member, China Gorman. China is a consultant, speaker, writer, and former CEO of the Great Place to Work® Institute. If you read any business publication – print or online – you’ll know that organization culture has become a critical advantage when competing for talent today. If the … Continue reading Human Middle Managers