Yang Weiguo

Professor of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China, Director of China Human Capital Audit Institute, Renmin University of China, Director of Development Planning Department, Renmin University of China.

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Basic situation

Associate Professor, Department of Labor Economics, Renmin University of China, Vice President, China Institute of Employment, Renmin University of China Distinguished Fellow, Human Resource Research Center, Beijing , China Member of the American Society for Human Resource Management (2001-2003) Member of the European Economic Association (Brussels) (2000-2002)
US Department of State 2005 VIP Program Visiting Scholar
Zhongde 2005 – 2006 DAAD-PPP Project Visiting Scholar of Osnabrück University

Specialized strategic human resources audit, human resources management, labor economy theory and policy, personnel management economics, labor and employment law economics and other fields of teaching and research. In 2006, he was selected as the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, the Excellent Talent Scheme of Beijing, the Top Ten Counselors of Beijing University. Presided over or participated in the national social science focus, social science fund, the Ministry of education major research, the Academy of Social Sciences, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, Beijing and other scientific research projects more than 50; has nearly 100 times host or participate in personnel services Strategic and human resources consulting and training for public institutions such as large state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, joint ventures, listed companies and government departments, such as information and communication, finance, international trade, industry and trade, electricity, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing and other industries project.

Research areas

Strategic human resource audit, human resource management, labor economy theory and policy, personnel management economics, labor and employment law economics


Xu Zheng

GE China (China) Co., Ltd., vice president of China, Northwest General Manager, at the same time GE China Innovation Center (Xi’an), general manager.

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Xu has been in IBM (China) Co., Ltd. for ten years, served as a number of important positions. And served as a large equipment manufacturing enterprises Shaanxi Drum Group, deputy general manager, responsible for the strategic transformation of enterprises and marketing. Has a wealth of multinational companies and local business management experience.

Xu Zhengren is a part-time professor at the School of Economics, Northwestern University, and is employed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, who is a member of the project team from the domestic first-class to the international first-class project team. Xu has served as a number of corporate management consultants and corporate coaches, counseling enterprise transformation and enterprise change in the field of years of practical experience.
Xu is the “business review”, “management”, “business comment” and many other commercial media writers. 2011 by the Machinery Industry Publishing House “dance with the elephant – to IBM to transform”, is Xu’s successful transformation of IBM’s deep analysis and experience in the business community and management has formed a wide range of influence.

In addition to work, Xu is focused on the field of management research focused on corporate strategic transformation and enterprise change management, is China’s leading experts in the field. In addition to the strategic performance management, leadership development, innovation management, business model change and service transformation also has a lot of research experience. Xu Zheng’s research combined with the advanced management practice of multinational corporations and the management status of Chinese enterprises creatively put forward the transformation mode of Chinese enterprises “Six transformations”, and put forward a systematic framework and method for the transformation and enterprise transformation of Chinese enterprises.

Xu graduated from the Department of Automation, Chongqing University, and received a master’s degree in business administration from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

Xu is the Democratic Party of Xi’an Municipal Committee, Xi’an City CPPCC members.


Miao Qing

Mr. Miao Qing, General Manager of KRONOS Greater China is currently the General Manager of Kronos Greater China and is in charge of Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macau Special Administrative Region and Taiwan.

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As the general manager of Greater China, Mr. Miao Qing led Kronos Greater China business development, and is mainly responsible for strategic planning, key functional departments (including sales, channels, marketing and service and support, etc.) business operations and management. Mr. Miao has over 20 years of experience in helping multinational companies to localize, as well as multinational companies in Asia, business management, IT and business management. Prior to joining Kronos, Mr. Miao Qing served as Vice President of Compuware Gomez Asia, Senior Managing Director of QAD Greater China and other senior management positions of multinational companies. He has a wealth of industry experience and profound customer service sensitivity and market sensitivity, good at developing effective marketing strategies and the establishment of training excellent management team. In 2006 and 2007, he led the team twice twice by the “Business Week” as “the annual 100 fast companies rapid response company”, its own media and industry has repeatedly been rated as China’s management software ten outstanding manager of the year People and leaders and so on. Mr. Miao is interested in the management of Chinese and Western management culture, and his years of experience in the management software industry and human resources management and development of the experience of combining in the management of Western digital performance-driven and with Chinese characteristics of human management Model of the combination of the way, itself is the Western management methods and Chinese culture compatible management practice. In the management of the magazine published in the staff incentives, team building and corporate strategy and other aspects of the column.

Mr. Miao Qing holds a master’s degree in advanced business administration and a master’s degree in engineering.


Yuan Ping

Senior Spice Business Group Senior Advisor and Group Vice President

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Responsible for the Group’s human resources, training and development, information, audit, quality control five departments, since July 2012 led the overall ERP project is responsible for the planning, selection and implementation. Personal research areas related to the organization in the organizational structure, business process carding, information system construction, talent introduction, personnel planning and development, salary design, incentive programs, executive management performance, personnel issues and management, handling labor disputes and labor arbitration, Senior management training and other consulting, counseling and implementation of landing services such as the way, and help enterprises to solve human resources in the thorny problem.

Nearly 18 years in the US multinational companies, as human resources management \ senior management positions; nearly 1 year and a half Hong Kong listed companies listed on the senior management of human resources positions, to complete the listed company headquarters staff organization structure system design, The introduction of talent, etc .; nearly 3 years of private enterprises (joint-stock companies) Group headquarters of the senior management of human resources positions to help enterprises to complete the pre-listing and human resources business system to sort out, regulate and solve historical issues such as preparatory work.

Zhu Ning

Peking University vertical and horizontal senior partner

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Has served in China Aviation Group, Fuji Xerox, Randstad and many other world top 500 multinational companies. Long engaged in service operations, marketing, strategic development and mergers and acquisitions and so on. And in 2011 was the Shanghai Stock Exchange independent directors qualification.

He is currently the Chairman of Shanghai Youth Federation, the Chairman of the Sixth Council of Shanghai Jiaotong University MBA Association, the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Instructor of Shanghai Zhangjiang Innovation College, and “Human Capital Management” columnist.

Recent studies:

  • Flexible dispatch / employment in China ‘s practice and innovation
  • Customer experience and service marketing innovation;
  • Sales Productivity Enhancement and System Construction


Zhixing Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Chairman, retail human resources experts

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Emma Customer Service Industry (China) Co., Ltd. Vice President of Human Resources

Ms. Shun joined the Emma China on June 7, 2011 as Vice President of Human Resources. Prior to joining Emma, ​​Ms. Shu worked at McDonald’s China as Director of Human Resources in the North District with more than 30,000 employees. Prior to this, Ms. Shou was the director of human resources at Excellence / Amazon, with more than 2,000 employees, leading more than ten human resources teams. Ms. Shu also has held a number of important positions in Lenovo Capital Limited and Lenovo Group.

Ms. Shou’s early career was a lecturer in labor economics, human resource management and public relations at Hunan Institute of Economics and Management and Renmin University.

Ms. Shou holds a bachelor’s degree from Renmin University and a master’s degree in business administration from the Maastricht School of Management in Holland.


Yin Huijin

Zhixing Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Chairman, retail human resources experts

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Research areas related to strategic human resources management, human resources management, retail human cost control, based on the workload of the scientific scheduling, enterprise risk control and so on. Has served as director, vice president, chief risk and legal affairs director of a well-known large-scale listed retail enterprise for nearly ten years. 2008 and 2010 were selected as the Chinese IGA and China Chain Store & Franchise Association Human Resources Professional Committee Chairman. Has several times to host or participate in personnel services, manufacturing, retail and other industries of private enterprises, listed companies, human resources consulting and training programs. Published “to the retail HR seven suggestions”, “crack the retail industry difficult to think”, “training and retention of 80 college students is not difficult” and many other academic papers.

Huang Pei

Dr. Huang Pei

China ‘s manufacturing information portal portal, CEO

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Dr. Huang Pei is the ninth member of the 10th National Youth Federation, the Standing Committee of Hubei Province Youth Federation, senior member of China Mechanical Engineering Society, executive director of Hubei Institute of Mechanical Engineering, part-time professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Since March 2002, as e-works China’s manufacturing information portal portal, CEO. E-works is China’s manufacturing industry’s most well-known, the most authoritative professional network media and service agencies, with more than 60 million members, of which 78% of the manufacturing enterprises of information workers. E-works has a high impact on the manufacturing company’s CIO. Dr. Huang Pei has 21 years of experience in manufacturing information software and services, providing information consulting services to hundreds of enterprises, and has won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress. Dr. Huang Pei was awarded the Ph.D. in Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1997. August 2001 to December, won the United States Rensselaer University (RPI) Larry School of Management senior management certificate.

Peng Jianzhen

Peng Jianzhen

Deputy Secretary General of China Chain Management Association Deputy Secretary General of China ECR Committee

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Peng Jianzhen in the China Chain Store & Franchise Association is mainly responsible for industry human resources development and training education, industry retail innovation, supply chain, category management, industry loss prevention and other retail technology research and promotion work, and in the above field with more than ten years of work experience. Mr. Peng Jianzhen also served as Deputy Secretary-General of the China ECR Committee, jointly sponsored by China Chain Store & Franchise Association, China Commodity Coding Center, Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart.

Mr. Peng is responsible for the establishment and construction of the China University of Chain Enterprise Alliance, the current Union of more than 100 chain of corporate university members, Mr. Peng is responsible for the Chinese chain of corporate alliance activities planning and day-to-day operations, organization of the enterprise enterprise on the internal talent training, curriculum system And the trainer training to carry out a large number of useful attempts.

Mr. Peng worked with Accenture China to develop Asia’s first online training course on retail management, “CCFA Registered Category Manager Training”, and led the development of China Franchise Association’s franchise series and retail series to train more than 40 courses; responsible for the number of Chinese chain management associations (China Chain Enterprises Human Resources Summit Forum; China Retail Category Management Forum; China Retail Industry Loss Prevention High-level Seminar, etc.).

Participated in the preparation of “China’s voluntary chain of the status quo and trends”, “Food Supplier Quality Review Guide”, “Commercial Franchise – Franchisee Investment Guide”, “China Retail Category Management Implementation Guide”, “Chinese retail enterprises fresh business Daquan “,” retail damage prevention strategy “and other books.

In 1999, he received a master’s degree from Renmin University of China.



Capgemini China Vice President, Capgemini China Enterprise Management Transformation (HCM, CRM, EPM) Service Line General Manager

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Mr. Dai has extensive experience in management consulting, IT planning and enterprise informatization, including human capital management, customer relationship management and enterprise performance management. He has also provided professional services to a number of well-known clients across a wide range of industries. After joining Capgemini in 2006, Mr. Dai Hua is also responsible for the management and guidance of trans-regional, large-scale or complex projects, and effectively controls the quality and risk of the project. In addition to the rich experience in project management and business, Mr. Dai Hua in the technical field of skills is also very excellent, the enterprise application architecture has a profound understanding.

Prior to joining Capgemini, Mr. Dai was a senior manager of Biber Management Consulting, where he was responsible for the management and related business development of PeopleSoft’s consulting services team in China. He has more than 10 years of experience in PeopleSoft system implementation, particularly good at PeopleSoft human capital management system implementation.

Prior to joining Bibo, Mr. Dai worked at Beijing Oracle Software Systems Limited, PeopleSoft China Limited, IBM Business Consulting Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Alcatel. His main responsibilities include business development, project management, and provision of consulting and system implementation services. Mr. Dai Hua graduated from Fudan University, major in computer and application.

Xue Xiaojin

Xue Xiaojin

Senior Consulting Manager, Kronos Greater China

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Mr. Xue Xiaojin is a Senior Consulting Manager at Kronos Greater China. Has more than 10 years of experience in business management and human resource management systems consulting and implementation experience, more than 7 years of business management. Is Kronos Greater China manufacturing and service industry, labor management experts. Customers who have led the consultation and successfully implemented are Shenzhen Shekou Container Terminal, Danone, CDC, Xu Fuji, Changlong, Hengda Hotel, Blue Moon, Medtronic, Coach, Johnson & Johnson, Brady, etc., has accumulated rich customer customers Enhance the actual combat experience of labor management.